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Just leaving a mark for 2012, ending soon though.

21 and fantastic.
Aussie next year.
Graduating this weekend.
Fuckin awesome.
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This PHOTOGRAPHY sem has started! Today we learnt about studio shots oh well yea...

Some shots I've taken today.. not vry good la quite blurry!

Nothing to update la lately... Tired tired! Oklah! Until the nxt post! just to revive my blog abit x) ! SUGOIS!

-photography sugois!

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Last few days went to CURVE with noobcakes with ying's college fren too! HAHA!

Watched Unstoppable.. Okla very gan jiong!

But what's best is RAPUNZEL!
IMO, i think it's better than Unstoppable! It's damn funny ! It kept me laughing thruout the movie over and over and over again wtf!

I think my favourite is Pascal! The green frog. i mean.. chameleon x) !

Nothing much to update la.. as Im enjoying my super awesome sleep like dead man holidays!

continue malas-ing for another few more days den sem reopen =(

-malas giler!
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Updates D:


well not really, this coming friday got exam :( sucky much.

been really very bz and tired coz of all those assignments :( sarker dei!!!

Today went makan at Mandarin Oriental jepun ristorante :D

Nice la.. get complimentary ice cream somemore hahaha!

It rained in Kl today stupid jam as usual, kam ngam stop infront LV

Made me wanna press my face against their glass door and window fand drool all over HAHA wtf!

-doing nothing, is a bliss :D
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Finally everything is over!

Blog shall be updated soon :D
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If only miracles can be purchased...

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The only thing

The only shit that kept me hanging on!! Very tiring la college.. maybe its because of my imba sleeping pattern lah..

Aahahaha can say the only thing I look forward every chilly morning is a cup of hot latte :D

But don't know why each time drink already sure want to bangsai...
Bangsai alot of times in college already !!

-the only shizzzz!